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"Retirement and learning yoga are two of the best things I did for myself in my sixties. After retirement, I started to have problems with my knees. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I also had an asthma problem and was using an inhaler daily. I tried several options: walking 45 minutes a day did not help, swimming in a public pool made me ill (chlorine water), and taking pain reducing pills gave me temporary relief but did not solve the root of my problem. I began to research on the internet to find out what other people did similar to my situation. As it turned out, I needed to learn how to stretch, relax, and breathe properly. I was very lucky to find Kimberly as my yoga instructor. Studying karate for 5 years has taught me the importance and value of finding a qualified instructor. Most people have the wrong concept about yoga. Therapeutic yoga is not about twisting your body in strange shapes or inverting your body oddly about around the floor, it is about learning the right kind of stretches and how to breathe within your own capacity. Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable. She understands the muscle groups of the human body and knows when to target problematic body parts with proper stretches and exercises. I have studied yoga with Kimberly for nearly a year now. I go to Kimberly’s classes three times a week.  During the days I am not in her class, I practice yoga at home. Like everything else in life, without the commitment and dedication to change, there will be no result. She is my guide during this journey. As of today, my knee pain is hardly noticeable, my asthma is gone and I can hike/ travel without fear of having an asthma attack. I also discovered that I have better coordination when I move around. I consider myself to be a fairly happy and active senior citizen and plan to continue to practice yoga as long as I am able to. Thank you Kimberly! "

-Haina Tu

  • "I have been doing yoga for approximately 20 years. In the past my practice was so competitive and push, push, push. I joined Kimberly's classes months ago and the benefits my body has experienced are countless. She gives great verbal cues. She is mindful of the breath. She takes you as you are and aids in healing and restoration. This is the yoga I should have been doing years ago. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found it now. Kimberly is an amazing teacher and a caring woman. You are in excellent hands when you are in her classes."
    -Alyssa F.
  • "Kimberly is an intelligent teacher. She knows anatomy. Her knowledge flows from her and is never intimidating. You cannot find a higher caliber person or instructor. She is genuine and her passion and love for yoga is inspiring. I always feel safe in her class. She motivates me to push myself when I can, and ease back when I need to. She pays attention to detail and focuses on her students’ experience. She endeavors the journey of your practice with you.​"
    - Gina R
  • "You have such an instinct about your students’ needs. I have never had an instructor like you before. I always come away feeling like I accomplished something, even if I can’t do the poses exactly right."
    - Tina B.
  • "I took Kimberly's Sunday morning class and loved it! I felt so peaceful and strong for days after. We all need more of this in our lives..."
    - Bobbie H.
  • "Kimberly has a true passion and love for Yoga. Her teaching is challenging and inspiring. I always enjoy being in Kimberly's presence as she radiates positive vibes."
    - Dr. Darian P.

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