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Stress affects how we breathe and our breathing affects our stress

Have you ever noticed a shortness of breath during times of stress or pain? That's your nervous system functioning in the "Flight or Fight" stage. Did you know that we have the ability to restore our nervous system with breathing techniques and reduce our back pain?

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Yoga Therapy for Spinal Health Program   

  • 90 day Step by step Self Paced  program to release Chronic Back Pain
  • Find out why not all back pain is the same & what factors are contributing to your pain
  • Let's tackle your sciatica with customized stretches in just 15 minutes a day
  • Discover how your spinal health affects your stress and pain and creates tightness in other areas (neck, hips & hamstrings)
  • Learn to use breathing & movement to increase your energy, release stress & improve your sleep
  • Gain an understanding of how improving posture can decrease pain in the body
  • Join my VIP community to receive daily support, customized feedback and accountability
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Train with Kimberly

  • Mentoring & CEU's for yoga teachers 
  • Workshops for students looking to deepen their practice
  • Yoga Therapy Workshops
  • 200 HR Teacher Training
  • Chair Training
  • Restorative Training
  • Back Care Training
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